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Holiday Party…Reimagined.

We all love a good holiday party; the lavish décor, beautifully dressed guests, delicious food. But sometimes, we all just want to kick back and veg out!

This year I’m going to do my holiday party a little different and host a Christmas Movie Pajama Party! Sure, we are all adults but if there was ever a time to feel like a kid again this would be it. My living room will be occupied by big fluffy pillows and blankets, grown ups in their best holiday pajamas, and a selection of the yummiest snacks. Not only is it going to be super fun and different, as a host this will save you big bucks. You could even ask your guests to bring a snack or drinks as well and really save( not to mention, this party could be tailored for the little ones).

Here’s what you need to plan this party with your friends and family:

The Movies

Of course this party can run as long as you’d like depending on how many movies you choose to watch. For my party I will be airing two movies with an intermission. These days OnDemand makes it easy to choose from a wide selection, and a lot of times they will have all the holiday movies in one folder. You could go with Christmas comedies like ELF, The Santa Clause, or Scrooged. Or you can go for the classics like A Muppet Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, or Miracle on 34th St.

The Snacks

The most exciting thing I’m doing here is The Hot Chocolate Bar. It’s a big trend right now among parties and the possibilities are endless. You start with a big batch of hot chocolate, if you have a crock pot you can use it to keep the hot chocolate warm. Then the rest is up to you, you can pick and choose the topping you’d like to serve alongside the warm drink. Your guests will be able to grab a cup, serve themselves some hot chocolate and customize it with the toppings they like best. Some common toppings include marshmallows, chocolate curls, chopped candy bars, and whipped cream. You could also include “stir ins” like candy canes, cinnamon sticks, or anything that will add an adult kick like Bailey’s or Kahlua.\

Tip: Give your guests the option to have a s’mores hot chocolate by charring their marshmallows with a candle. Also, make serving whipped cream easier by piping out dollops beforehand and freezing them!

I will also be providing yummy popcorn and hot dogs, classics in the movie theater!

Don’t forget to encourage your guests to show up in their favorite Christmas pajamas, it will add to the fun and make for some great holiday pictures!


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